Our primary goal is to protect your health and those of our staff. At the same time, we would like to continue to be available to you and provide care for your urologic needs. Connect with us by Telehealth.

We are now able to provide TeleHealth encounters by phone or video conference for follow up encounters.

Q: Who can call for TeleHealth encounter?

A: Per CMS guidelines, TeleHealth encounters are now limited to established patients, not seen in the last 7 days. New patients will need to schedule an in-office initial visit.

Q: How can I request a TeleHealth encounter?

A: Please sign and return the TeleHealth Consent Form in advance of your appointment.

You can fax the completed form to our office at (805) 371-4713, or mail it to our office. You can then call the office and request your encounter to be changed to TeleHealth encounter and discuss timing of the encounter.

Q: I want to use Doxy.me software. How do I connect?

A: It is very simple. Click https://doxy.me/drnikkhou on your web browser and check in. You will need a computer with internet access, camera and microphone. Alternatively you can download the Doxy.me app on your smartphone.

Q: When are TeleHealth encounters offered?

A: TeleHealth encounters are usually scheduled at the same time as your in-office appointment, or at a different agreed time between you and your physician.

Q: Are these encountered covered by my insurance?

A: TeleHealth encounters are billed similar to face-to-face visits. Therefore you may be responsible for a co-pay fee or out of network fees, similar to routine your routine visits. Please call the office for questions regarding your specific insurance coverage.

Q: What should I expect about the TeleHealth encounter?

A: We treat the encounter the same as an in-office visit. Our Medical Assistant will review your basic health information and medication lists. You will then be connected with your physician to discuss your health. You will then speak with our front office to discuss and schedule follow up imaging, labs and appointments.

Q: What platform is used for the TeleHealth encounter?

A: Your encounter may involve one or more platforms including telephone or video conference using HIPAA compliant Doxy.me software.